KADARI, SHRAGA (1907–1982), Hebrew author. Born in Lvov, he went in 1927 to Ereẓ Israel, where he worked as an agricultural laborer, and later was one of the founders of kefar pines . In 1936 he joined the staff of the cultural department of the Va'ad Le'ummi . After the establishment of the State of Israel he became an official of the Ministry of Social Welfare. His stories and articles appeared in many newspapers and journals (particularly the dailies Davar and Ha-Ẓofeh). He published several books, including Mi-Martef ha-Olam (1936), Asonah shel Alinah (1939), Einayim Aẓumot (1945), Eẓ ha-Ahavah (1956), Mi Yitten Boker (1960, a novel), Megillat Korekh ha-Sefarim (1962), Veha-Boker le-Darko Oleh (a novel, 1981), and Shezufei ha-Leḥi ha-Aḥat (1967, a collection of stories). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: J. Lichtenbaum, Bi-Teḥumah shel Sifrut (1962), 121–5; J. Churgin, in: Ha-Ḥinnukh, 4 (1962), 454–8; A. Cohen, Soferim Ivriyyim Benei Zemannenu (1964), 80–83. ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: A. Sharvit, "Hilkhei Nefesh u-Markhei Lashon: Iyyun bi-Yeẓirat Shraga Kadari," in: Yerushalayim 13:1–2 (1979), 111–18; A. Sharvit, "Yeẓirat Shraga Kadari be-Hebet Nossaf," in: Haẓofeh (1983), 6; A. Lipshitz, "Li-Demutam shel Shenei Mesaperim: Yehudah Ya'ari ve-Shraga Kadari," in: Biẓaron, 5:17–18 (1983), 123–27; G. Shaked, Ha-Sipporet ha-Ivrit, 3 (1988), 158–64. (Getzel Kressel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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